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Friends For Fucking Ever.

A term used to help control the excited feeling of finding your soul-friend that compliments you so well and gives you that Happy glow that everyone around you would notice! It is a friendship so bizarre, so eccentric, so beautiful and so pure that nothing can stop these two friends from ever being themselves no matter where they are and who they are in front of or how weird they truly are!! It is the internal happiness that exists whenever you think about how a friendship between the two can neither falter nor change and still remain timeless. It's a feeling you get finding your Soul-mate or other half that gives the feeling of childlike invincibility or divine confidence. Describing such a friendship by saying FFFE helps contain the giggles and laughter of actually admitting to loving the person dearly in public; when in reality or given the chance to we would be yelling "I LOVE YOU!!" across the room! You know when they're your FFFE if they like the same weird stuff that you like that other's would consider as weird and cringe-ful!
How to use it:

"I hate zucchini's!"*takes it out of her sandwich and puts them aside on her plate.
"REALLY? I love THEM!!!"**Takes the zucchini from her plate and eats it.
"NO EFFing WAY!!" (in a speechless manner) we're officially FFFE."


"you know people think it's weird I love drinking sauce."

"NO WAY!!! (whispers.. ) I thought it was only meeeh T_T . we're truly FFFE"
by Zucucu22 September 19, 2013
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