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Defining what is femanine. The definitive female peronna. That which defines the "girlie" female attraction. The embodiment of all that makes the female truely female.
FEMALOSITY has all the female attributes including; gentleness, warm and caring, responds to light touches and hugs, soft kisses, a twinkle in her eye when someone special walks into the room. She is vibrant at times and demur at other times. Maybe a little frightened when alone, careful and meticulous in all matters of business and wellness. She exudes a sense of intellegence while openly displaying hints of being nieve in areas she is unfamiliar with. She enjoys life to it's fullest, being gicen small trickets, affectionate notes and still treasures jewelery and travel as often as she is allowed or can afford the luxury.
by FEMALOSITY-definer January 26, 2013
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