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Friends Before The Rest Crew. It originated in Dayton, Kentucky. This crew is about just being chill, going to shows, and above all else, sticking up for each other. Anyone that has heart is part of it, and they'll do anything for each other. They have no problem with any other crews or gangs, but if someone starts shit up, FBTRC won't back down.
FBTRC Member 1: Dude, BYOCF wants to jump me because I spin kicked Christian Edmonds in the face, and he's being a total bitch about it.
FBTRC Member 2: It's cool. I'll get everyone down here, then we'll meet up with some BYOCF. Let's see how much they'll try to outnumber us. Just to be safe, we'll bring 70 people.
by fromdtown March 12, 2009
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