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Acronym for "Fuck Bitches, Get W's" as it is comparable to all things in life. Closely related to "FBGM" where Winning takes the place of Money as a whole. A way of saying that you should never let anything deter you from your ultimate goal. Mostly sports related.

Win at all costs, there is no 2nd place, you just lost quicker than everyone else.
Son: Dad, I know fathers day is this weekend, but I can't come down because I have a softball game and we are undefeated and...
(father cuts son off)
Dad: FBGW, I'll see on Monday.
Son: Love you, Pop.

Co-Ed Sports game (any sport):

Girl 1- That guy over there is good looking, maybe I'll let him get past me so I can talk to him.
Girl 2- Um....he's on the other team....FBGW.

Girl 1- Right, F that guy until the game is over.

Mens sports league (any sport):

Man 1- I'm going to ask my girls dad if I can marry his daughter after the game, but I'm worried that if I run him over he won't take it to kindly.
Man 2- (Raised eyeball stare, points to the color of the shirt they are both wearing to indicate that the girls father is not on their team)
Man 1- You're right, FBGW. It's not my fault he's on the wrong team for an hour.
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