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2. FBFU, is also used for Facebooks nasty habit of occaisionally deleting friends, or not allowing friend requests to go through, or any of all the other little negative anomalies facebook has become famous for.
by bluebrother August 15, 2010
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Face Book Fuck Up: when you hit "comment" or "send" without proof reading. Then you have to go back and correct it or delete and start all over.
Your profile pic is good, but it looks like, is good but it looks like you were drink. (comment) This is a FBFU; it's already out there and you look like and ignorant idiot to all your Facebook friends.
by 1dslap August 19, 2009
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Flash Back Fuck Up - When you realize later that you had an opportunity for something. Now you're having an FBFU.
I had a chance to sleep with two women and didn't do it. Reminicing later with friends I found that it was an FBFU.
by FBFU May 06, 2017
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