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1. an act or instance of failing or proving unsuccessful; lack of success
2. nonperformance of something due, required, or expected
3. a subnormal quantity or quality; an insufficiency
4. deterioration or decay, esp. of vigor, strength, etc.
5. a condition of being bankrupt by reason of insolvency.
6. a becoming insolvent or bankrupt
7. a person or thing that proves unsuccessful

Usually said in place of "Fail" in a conversation. In order to be used correctly, it's said in all caps as so: FAILEO.
1. His effort ended in faileo. The campaign was a faileo.
2. a faileo to do what one has promised; a faileo to appear.
3. the faileo of crops.
4. The faileo of her health made retirement necessary.
6. the faileo of a bank.
7. He is a faileo in his career. The cake is a faileo.

Another example:

Leo wai u do dat? FAILEO.
by Novelty J January 02, 2009
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