Holding the F11 key (the 'Full screen' key) at a random webpage on a slow computer for a few seconds. The screen will then 'shake' uncontrollably for some time after you released the key.

Use when victim isn't watching.
Use ONLY on slow computers, or it will not work.
Guy #1: "I'm going to check out that dude's work."
Guy #2, sitting next to #1, sees his chance and holds the F11 key as long as possible.
Guy #1 returns and notices his screen shaking uncontrollably.
#1: "What the heck is happening to my screen?! You didn't do the F11-bomb, guy #2?!"
by Tomvl117 June 19, 2011
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A bomb that is thrown onto your keyboard, and knocks off your F11 key.
Guy 1: What happened to your keyboard?
Guy 2: Some dude threw an F11 bomb on it.
Guy 1: Sucks to be you!
by datniggapimmdechinchilla April 4, 2010
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