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F.ORG is a rally cry for the Fuck Organic Movement. F.Org's inception in July 2010 was during a lunch meeting where outrage was expressed concerning the $9-10 price of a grilled cheese sandwich at the neighboring American Grilled Cheese Sandwich restaurant in the South Park District of San Francisco,California-a watering hole frequented by self-obsessed fixies,hipsters and Tweeters. The inventor, Igal Perelman, at one point blurted out,"Fuck Organic, man!" and the movement was born. Shortly, to avoid being profane, the acronym "F.Org" or "FORG" was established as a standard to describe disgust with pricey meals and $5 tomatoes at Bi-Rite. Also an noun,adverb or adjective to describe fussy eaters such as vegans and those with gluten-free allergies.
Groan, the F.Orgs are coming over for dinner. Break out the rice flour and Lactaid.
I hate shopping at that f.orging place.
F.ORG! They want $5 bucks for pineapple sage ice tea????
I had a date with a chick last night. She was such a F.Org.
by Cocoablini July 22, 2010
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a word for use in arguements when u run out of words and get really annoyed cause u know your right.LET THAT EMOTION OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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