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Term used to describe a Fat Ass Mother Fucker. Can be used to describe any person seen as "obease", usually with multiple chins or a stomach that hangs past the belt. "Fat"
Quentin- "Hey Felipe, look at that F.A.M.F over there, it looks like its upset that it doesn't have its doughnuts yet."

Felipe- "Damn, that F.A.M.F looks pretty upset about the whole doughnut situation."

Quentin- "Last week I heard of a situation just like this where another F.A.M.F was sighted stealing food from hobos."

Felipe- "They know no limits, Quentin......"
by Ms. Dixie Normus May 25, 2008
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n: Fast Ass Mother Fucker, One who possesses super speed, one who has the ability to run and move extremely fast, one who possesses superhuman reflexes and seemingly violates certain laws of physics.
Parker: Damn Usain Bolt is so fast
Patrick: He must be a FAMF
Parker: Yeah just like us when we won the 4x100m relay. we're FAMFs too!
by Parkrick December 15, 2009
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Similar to bad ass mother fucker..but into fatass mother fucker.

Used several times as abbreviations online in instant messanging, myspace, and facebook.
oh em gee brookie! if you eat all of those cheese fries, you'll be a major FAMF.
by julia sunshine April 20, 2008
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N. meaning Fake Ass Mother Fucker


V. (when used with GA) a process, where by disrespecting someone in a certain way using very specific steps, is used to call someone out on their being a "Fake Ass Mother Fucker".
(Similiar to the "you're stuck wtih it" game, but more covert and fun. Also used competitivly to trick friends.)

Steps to complete a (GA)FAMF:
1) Hone in on your target.

2) Say something to the target that catches them off guard and makes them say, "What?"
(Helpful Hint: A good trick is to mumble something semi-incoherent to them while they're in another conversation, or spout a fast string of non-related words in the form of a question. The idea is to be as creative as you can.)

3) Wait for the target to say, "What?"
(READ: Only the word "What?" works. If they say something like "huh?", or ignore you, you have failed your mission.)

4) Quickly shout "GA FAMF!"
(The GA stands for "Gotcha!". If you yell FAMF without the GA, it doesn't count, and you lose. If this happens, and the other person knows the rules of a FAMF, this is their time to rebutt with their own GAFAMF.)

FAMFing can also work with text messaging and instant messaging.
Sally: ...and I couldn't believe Bobby said that, especially after buying his new SUV.

Veronica (your target): I KNOW! And like, I had just gotten my nails done on-

You: AreVeronicaTheAntZooThinksICan?

Veronica: What?

You: GA FAMF bitch!
by NicoleTTVan December 29, 2005
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A 'Fine-Ass-Motha-Fucka' Can also be FAME, or 'Fine-Ass-Motha-Effa. Someone who is extremely good-looking. You can't even comprehend how that person got to be so beautiful.
Damn. Carlisle Cullen (Twilight) is the hottest doctor/vampire ever. He's a famf.

Daaayyyyuuum, Megan Fox is lookin' real nice in that towel. She's a famf.
by RaRaRoxy1105 December 31, 2010
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