A real mans truck. A big piece of equipment. An entity that can handle any load and carry any person in a much more utilitarian fashion than anything else and still convey an aura of normalcy in its existence.
Damn that F 350 is a man thing. Dang your F 350 is huge.
by Ndnranger October 13, 2008
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When you ridin in the big truk u stick your dick in a hole out of the truk and get a awsom blowjob. usually happens at a trurkstop restroom. Then after u get good sex from the person giving the blowjob. But u dont know who is giving the good succ so the identy of the blower is hidden.
yo my nigger i just got ford f-350 and it was soo awsom. my dik is sore now.
by benhickdaddy123 November 29, 2016
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