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A relationship between Aria Montgomery and Ezra Fitz a student and a teacher 7 years apart on the freedom (previously ABC Family) TV series pretty little liars. Aria is 16 when they meet and Ezra is 23 starting his first teaching job at roswood high. They meet in a bar after Aria and her family get back from Iceland Aria dosnt mention her age being that she's underage in a bar. They immideatly start hitting it off and end the night making out on a counter in the bathroom. The next day is Aria's first day of school where she finds out that her new English teacher is Mr. Fitz. This is just the beginning of their relationship in the pilot episode and now there have been 7 seasons and they are still together. They have had a lot of ups and downs because of things such as Ezra's x-fiancé Jackie Molina, telling Aria's parents, Ezra's "child", Ezra's mom and many many more conflicts. There have been a lot of ups and downs in this relationship but in the end they will end up together. In the words of Aria Montgomery, "your the one, you always have been"
by Prettylittleliars June 15, 2016
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