To be so tired that you no longer give a shit any more.
"Dude, I am too exhaustipated to collect my welfare cheque today. Can you do it for me?"
by Sean H Murphy June 2, 2005
adj. too tired to give a crap.
Jim was so exhaustipated that when he realized he left his keys in the door, he didn't care to retrieve them.
by Noshtadrano April 18, 2009
Exhaustipated is the feeling one has when he is so tired he just doesn't give a shit. It was my mother's expression when she put in an exhausting day of work and came in so tired she didn't want to cook, turn the bed down or use the effort to shit.
I worked my fingers to the bone, my ass is dragging and I'm as exhaustipated as a push-me pull-you. A push-me pull-you is any animal with a head on both ends and no asshole so it can't shit even after a whole day of trying.
by krob7418 April 17, 2009
Just too tired to give a sh!!t.
im Exhaustipated im Just too tired to give a sh!!t.
by ignoramos May 22, 2012
Being so tired you can't even poop. You're not bunged up or anything, but it's been a long day, and the bathroom is alllllll the way over there...
Tom got in from his 60 hour work week and flopped down on the couch to take off his steel toes... only to find he was too exhaustipated to get up afterwards.
by LukaRam August 12, 2017
To be so tired, you need to create a new word to describe it! (note, exhaustipated has nothing to do with constipation)
Also used as "Exhaustipation"
by ArryG June 14, 2009