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Excusitarians is the new term coined by Vegan Pirate Cap’n Long John Tofu of The Vegan pirates of The Pirates of the Carob Bean

The Vegan Pirate uses the word ‘Excusitarian’ to categorise all the ex vegetarians and vegans who come up with a whole host of excuses about why it’s impossible for them personally to stay vegan and why they need meat.
bob: aah some ex-vegans drive me up the wall, I wouldn’t be mindin’ if they just be admittin’ that they couldn’t be bothered any more, that they be giving up caring about animal welfare, the effects o’ intensively reared animals on the environment and the wastin’ o’ resources but they don’t. Instead I be told ’some people just can’t be vegetarian’, ’some people need meat’ and ’sometimes it just doesn’t feel right to be vegan’ – they should know better!”
fred: i know man Excusitarians are so fackin stupid
by Ted Slade December 17, 2009
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