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a) A dialog that increasingly, progressively and exponentially takes a crappy path.

b) To add emphasis to something truly unpleasant…

c) To express disproval on a future choice or choices.
You: Tell me please!
You: You know I always love to hear about you.

Me: I’d better not…

You: I want to know why you thought it was romantic…

Me: Fine…

Me: Today, I unloaded the biggest dump ever!

You: Were you also with diarrhea?

Me: I wish I were…
Me: My shit was hard and thick…
Me: It felt like Cartman’s alien probe

You: O’rly?


Me: Yeah, my ass still aches excrementuously
Me: Can we change the topic?

You: Sure…
You: You know I got this amazing Macbook right?

Me: How could I ever forget…?

You: Well, now I am thinking on either getting an Ipod or an Iphone…
You: What do you think?

Me: Thee god, I don’t know why you ask about the Iwhatevers.
Me: I think it is escrementuously obvious!
by Evolingualways July 27, 2009
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