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The act of being an ex :) or broken up.

Either wasn't good enough for you
or a complete and total asshole whom does not deserve to even look at your beautiful face.

Says he changed but then tells all his friends that it was you that changed him "for the worse."
"It wasn't you it was me."
When you dump him, he tells everyone he broke up with you.
Her exBF, Patrick, is a fucking asshole.
by CeleD January 09, 2014
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A previous bf u left.
Probably due to mistreatment or just getting tired of them being with u
I'm so glad that I left my ex bf!
Someone should kick his ass,
And maybe he'd learn his lesson.
Actually, knowing him he won't.
Can't believe I dated him •-•
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by Tunip123 October 05, 2019
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