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Noun. A person in whom the very idea of ew is manifest, be it in their looks, fashion, mannerisms, actions, speech or opinions. Witnessing an ewmonster evokes feelings of being ewwed-out, causing the skin to crawl with convulsions of cringe. The ewmonster transcends simply being ew as they are the ultimate 100% in the scale of ew-ness. Ewmonsters are often fashion victims and can inhabit any city, town or village worldwide.
Tom: Ew my God Becca, did you just see that ewmonster! Her capri pants and chiffon earrings are ewing out my life!

Becca: Ewwww! She is the ultimate ewmonster, I think her name is Ollie, watch out Tom, she's coming over.

Ewmonster: Hey guys, wanna hang out and come shopping with me? I could use some of your wicked fashion tips.

Becca & Tom (simultaneously): GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FACE YOU GROSS EWMONSTER!!!

(Ewmonster woefully skulks off)
by GoatBoat August 15, 2010
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