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The belief that God (the Christian God) used evolution to create life on Earth. This theory says that God designed the natural processes that guide evolution, and endowed Mankind with a soul when it had reached a sufficient level of sentience(This is often called the "Ontological Leap.")
Contrary to fears of many Christians, evolutionary creationism is not incompatible with Christianity. It does not preclude the existence of an Adam and Eve, the Fall of Man, or the need for the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. The creation story in Genesis was not intended as a literal account of Earth's origins, but to illustrate the fact that God created the world. And no, the age of the Earth required by evolution does not contradict the "six-day" duration of creation in Genesis. The word "day" could have been code for a long, indeterminate period of time. Assuming Genesis 1-2 was a myth does not make the Bible "errant," because it does not contradict the message onmmunicated by the story-that God is the Creator of the world.
Many Christians who believe in evolutionary creationism also hold beliefs that fit the bill for "Evangelical," i.e. conservative. Notable examples are Asa Gray(Charles Darwin's own correspondent), Francis Collin (head of the Human Genome Project), and even the mighty C.S. Lewis. In short, Christians who oppose evolution need to get over themselves.
BTW, comment or die.
Traditional Creationist: Evolution is a bunch of hooey!
Evolutionary Creationist: What makes you say that?
Traditional Creationist: It's not in the Bible.
Evolutionary Creationist: Well, that was because God wasn't concerned the details of creation. He simply wanted people to know that He was the Creator.
Traditional Creationist: But evolution says there's no God.
Evolutionary Creationist: Not really. It just seems that way because atheists are constantly insisting that evolution leaves no room for God. The truth is, evolution leaves plenty of room for God!
Tradtional Creationist: Nonsense! *runs off* evolutionary creationism is no creationism!
Evolutionary Creationist: *sigh and groan*
by Anonymous debunker of myths December 16, 2008
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