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1. When producing Dubstep, it's the process of making a sound that is weak or clean be more "evil". (ie. scratch, rattle, clangy, rasp, growl, scream, filth, etc.) The effect can be executed in various way, including tube distortion, fast chorus, overdrive, hard LFOs (low-frequency oscillation), portamento detune slides and others.

2. The effect these sounds have on your brain. Processing sounds in this way affects the listener's neurons in an insidious way, somehow creating malevolent feelings, and sometimes even wicked and foul thoughts.

3. To malign, blacken.
That cartoon voice you used on that dope track is lame, you need to evilify it.

Listening to Dubstep evilifies my brains.

I finished a heavy filth Dubstep track, turned out the lights and went to bed. I was having wonderful hypnagogic thoughts of sliding around on a thin sheet of mud, when suddenly, the mud turned to razors and strips of bloody gore covered my feet and legs. These evilified thoughts are awful, and they get my adrenaline pumping, which means no sleep, which means more hypnagogic evilification.
by antijorge August 04, 2015
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