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The Evil Walrii Protests taking place in a large city in what is known of as "Canada", were sparked by a widely (and inaccurately) publicized meeting of "world leaders" when it became known that these "leaders" are actually robots set up to do the bidding of the Evil Walrii.

Protesters are angered and frightened at the growing reign of the Evil Walrii which reside under what is known of as "Canada". Rumor has it the Evil Walrii intend to rise up and take over the world in earnest, showing the world their real (and hideous) faces. This would break the truce agreement the Evil Walrii made with the Vikings under Norway after their last war in 1675. They both had agreed to cease their fighting and retreated underground, though both groups have long been plotting a way to rise back up and defeat each other.

Some say it is the Former Sir. James that is behind the Evil Walrii Protests, and that he both revealed that the leaders were really robots, and organized the protests. Sightings of Gosling Army soldiers among the protesters seem to support this.

If the Evil Walrii do rise up and come to a war with the Vikings under Norway the human race will be annihilated or enslaved, depending on who wins, and either way the human reign would come to an end (though some argue it pretty much already has).
The Evil Walrii Protests 2010 are surprisingly tame considering how violent and riotous daily life is in "Canada".
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