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The Yiddish, and unreleased version of Bruce Springsteen's Hungry Heart, written well before he was famous and when he was on a kick to appeal to Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn. Here are the know lines to that song:

Got a wife and kid in Williamsburg, Irv, I went out for a nosh, never said a word. Everybody needs a Kosher snack, bagel with a schmear, not a breakfast jack. A good knish or a matzo brei, a piece of lox that is not too dry.

Everybody needs a Kosher snack, from Borough Park down to Hackensack. Like the Nile when it doesn't flow, I got such gas that I gotta go. Everybody needs a kosher snack, take one now and then bring one back.

Oy, Oy, Oy, Oy, Oy
Springsteen's ``The Jew Years'' featured Everybody needs a kosher snack.
by tirtle July 02, 2018
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