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Diploma Mill school trying so hard to get students in that their marketing teams can not even spell words right. The So called university was not even accredited but would lie to students to tell them it wasso they would enroll.

Credits "non-transferrable", but tell students to bring in transcripts from other schools "just to be safe" for a "just in case" circumstance. Their admissions department changes every three months because they can not enroll more than 2 people in each month. The Dean of the school left becasue she knows it's not worth her UF degree and to make matters worse the Vice President of the campus get her degree from where else? Walden University.

They think that having three campuses being in Boca Raton, Orlando, and Sarasota Florida would really make a difference. (when it does not)
I ended up going to Everglades University for my undergraduate degree and when I went to ask my new school about my transfer credits i found out that none of them transferred!
by Shorty_Wanardy June 26, 2010
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