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The calling card sound of the emo.

Although it is invariably issued from the back of the throat in the manner of a terminally-ill frog croaking as it nears death, the emo has developed a number of subtly different variations of tone and volume for use within a range of different contexts, and so close attention must be paid to this in order to understand the emo's intended meaning.

Specifically, the emo may make this noise merely as an isolated statement to communicate typically pathetic and self-pitying sadness; for this, the emo will most likely use a relatively low tone (relatively because it is widely known that emos do not have deep, manly voices) and low volume. On the other hand, a louder, higher and generally more excited "EURR" may also be used as a standalone signifier of excessive gayness.

However, the emo may also use this noise as the precursor to a longer statement of emo nature, perhaps in order to prepare the listener of its likely depressing content.

If an emo is aware of his or her status as an emo and has somehow managed to form a sense of humour of suitable complexity, this type of emo may also use the noise in an ironic fashion, signalling self-knowledge of their fault - the fault of being an emo. An optimistic opinion of this variety of "Eurr" is that the emo may still be redeemable to humanity; however, there is only anecdotal evidence of this and varifiable cases are rare.
"Eurr, I hate my life."

"Eurr, I wish I had a girlfriend."

"Eurr, all I do is sit and hermit in my room, listening to shit music and looking at crap on the internet. Why does life have to be so cruel? Eurr. I wish I wasn't an emo. Eurrrrrrrrrrr. And why does my room smell of piss?"
by OnARooftopInBrooklyn June 08, 2009
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