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A contradictive, versatile word. A girl which is eurotrash, but still desirable in some ways. An appealing girl, yet worn out by too many partys, trips and sometimes jetlag.

From The Chicks on speed song "Eurotrash Girl"
Well I've been up to Paris
and I've slept in a park.
Went down to Barcelona
someone broke in my car,
Sold my plasma in amsterdam.
Spent it all in a nite
buying drinks at the Milkweg (really big club in Amsterdam)
for a soldier in drag.
Got a tatoo in Berlin
and a case of the crabs
a rose and a dagger
on the palm of my hand.
And I'll search the world over..
for my angel in black.
Yeah I'll search the world over
for a Eurotrash Girl
by Patrona April 26, 2006
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