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Non-Europeans who continually speak of the greatness of Europe and all that is European, despite living nowhere near Europe or hailing from a European country. Eurosluts commonly enjoy spending time taking long walks through any European city in springtime, drinking wine or spirits over long lunches, and paying exorbitant amounts of money for gas, or, petrol if you will. They have the ability to work Europe into any conversation on any topic. Though a fairly common trait amongst them but not widely know by non-Eurosluts, they also have a penchant for buggery.
If you love Europe so much, quit talking about it and do us all a favor and move there.... Euroslut!!!!
by Max Fisher April 12, 2005
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An attractive yet mentally flawed female who takes part regularily in extremely whorish activities (ie. blowbangs, DP, DVDA, dogging, creampie gangbangs and or fecal play) who's country of origin is any of the slavic, Euro-russian countries usually Poland and or Romania. This creature will exhibit characteristics such as: chain smoking, hair bleaching and the enjoyment of "techno dance music". Some of the more whorish individuals will show expertise in large vaginal insertions (ie. large water bottle or fist) or rough anal play.
"That fucking euro slut Sylvia has banged just about every guy in Joliet, IL."
"I met this euro slut Sylvia who ended up giving me a bad case of the Tokarz Herpes, she's a real mudshark for banging a sand nigger."
by dickgozinyas May 23, 2009
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