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1. (n)
A person who is obsessed with all elements of Europe, including countries, music, celebrities and various other things.

2. (n)
A person who is totally hooked on Eurovision and will talk about this subject in great detail and be extremely defensive on the topic.
Person A - Wow, did you hear Luis is planning on travelling to every European country and returning with somekind of souvenier from each one?
Person B - OMG he's such a EUROFREAK!!

Person A - Moldova like TOTES should have won Eurovision 2011. I mean, Zdob si Zdub were SO much better with "So Lucky" than Azerbaijan with Ell & Nikki perfoming "Running Scared". Their performance was sketchy at the least. I mean, even Georgia was more respectable! I would have been happy with an eight Irish win, too, I mean, Jedward just look amazing with their hair. Lena let Germany down this year, asw--
Person B - Geez, you're such a Eurofreak!!
by Madam Ann .O. Nymous July 26, 2011
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