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A near indescribable sensation that overwhelms ones mind. Often Mistook for Nostalgia or premonition because it can be brought on by both. Eurayma is what happens to the mind when it attempts to grasp something beyond its capacity, an infinitely complex idea such as a lifetime of memories, cosmic formations or even possibilities and future prospects not yet defined. The sensation of eurayma can most easily be defined as a mix of euphoria, excitement and wonder. After experiencing eurayma, the subject will often be left slightly depressed for a few moments as they long for the momentary greater understanding which overwhelmed them. Reactions to the experience may vary from a momentary loss of information intake causing obliviousness to the outside world all the way to near insane ramblings and violent body movements.
And in that moment, she was overwhelmed by eurayma.

It made them stir in their seats, minds overrun with thoughts of euraymic proportions.

It was nothing less than eurayma in its strongest form.
by The Great Red Hahzer Badger September 08, 2010
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