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Also known as "Ghetto-wah", the school boasts one of the few higschools in middle class America that makes white children minorities. Boys tend to act "hood" in order to fit in, while girls spend rediculous amounts of their parent's money on fake tans and bad accessories. Budgeting is used for rediculous sculpture art that nobody wants to see instead of better staffing. Sports are non-existent as the high school fails to make a winning record in sports more than once a decade. Incredibly bad teaching rounds this school off as one of the worst places you could go for a pre-college education.
The only thing the Etowah Eagles have ever notably accomplished since it's establishement in 1976 is sending 500,000 texts in 10 days to win a Kellie Pickler concert.
Note: Has an incredible ability to create a lack of enthusiasm for learning.
"I was trying to get into Georgia Tech, but I couldn't because I went to Etowah High School."
by For The Wolf May 10, 2009
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