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An American name, extending the popular, though shameful "Eric", by 5 letters. Usually used as a semi-charming pseudo-name to connote a comedic, in-your-face, quality of the person. Due to the balling nature of the name, it is quite rare to find one on public transportation or at flight on anything not a private jet.

Seen at a glance, is commonly mistaken for a Greek name or some other foreign, possibly Middle-Eastern. Not to be used for social engagement, but rather for facebook seclusion or internet vanity. Family to the name-holder should not be aware of it.

There is only one way to say the name properly: E-to-tha-are-eye-see. If said in the way, E-to-tha-rick, then that person did not grow up with a background of hip-hop or rap and does not deserve to use the name. It is not surprising that the person using this name would attempt to rap at any given opportunity, regardless of this skin color.

If confronted by someone who is confused or in disagreement with its usage, the person in possession of this name will usually reply: "What stupid fatass bitch hoofs around with the name Madi? Now that's just retarded."

Etotharic is most effective when paired with a last name that rhymes with "ick" or by a single letter. Close friends, and kinky lovers are allowed to call the name-holder, Eto in facebook posts. When addressing the name-holder with a formal matter, the use of Eric is acceptable only during the daytime.
friend of Etotharic: "Did you get this from Etotharic?"

hot derby-doll: "Yeah, after he gave me his foot-long dong in my mouth."
by MrPee July 16, 2010
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