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The most attractive african women in the world. Usually are mistaken for being african americans mixed with other races such as white and hispanics, and indians. But no, we are just ethiopian girls.Usually have straight beautiful teeth with long , long hair resembling hair of white or hawaian hair. Many are thick and many are curvy, but usually never fat...Sexy beasts...with seductive eyes....and are very educated.. and are very sweet and kindhearted....We usually like to separated ourselves from the african american culture and ideals because they dont agree with our culture at all......we have HUGE differences...and dont like to make ourselves associtated with them
Example One:
Jason:Hey did you see that girl over by the bar

Carl: Yea she's ethiopian

Jason: WHat the heck is that?

CArl: She's african

Jason: Dude i totally thought she was white mixed with black! Dude she's gorgeous!

CArl: YEa i know, i wouldnt mind tapping that all night!! thats how ethiopian girls and women are...gorgeous
by sexy mixed mami June 24, 2009
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