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A crazy yet lovable girl. Etella is very pretty. Many guys check her out. Etella is a very good friend and will listen to any of your problems. Remember not to touch her hair or she will slap you silly!
guy - DAAAAMM isn't that chick Etella fiiiine?!
another guy - holy shit she is! *jis in pants*
by toeranasaurusrex May 22, 2011
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A way of inserting British-mexican anal beads inside the anal cavity. Etelling is very useful for storing many drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamine (Meth). Although very disgusting, many drug addicts and dealer use etella too safely fool police.
Dealer: Hey man, can you Etella this Crystal for me.
Etella-er: Sure, but it will charge you.
by Not-An-Educated-Drug-Dealer November 01, 2012
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