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The largest high school in Vermont-- but don't be fooled. To anyone from out of state it would just look like any small town Podunk school. There is no diversity at EHS. Anyone who isn't white is most likely adopted. It isn't uncommon to walk into the school in January and see half of the students wearing shorts and sandals. The school colors are blue and gold and the mascot is known Buzz the hornet. There are a good number of druggies and hipsters, so much so that one of the lobbies is know to students and teachers alike as the Drug Lobby. Despite this fact, most of the students are extremely intelligent and go on to become successful men and women. Everybody who attends Essex High School either skis or hates Vermont with a passion.
Girl: Nice Hornet's sweatshirt! You must have gone to Essex High School!

Boy: That's me... thank goodness I got out of that place. I was always freezing in my shorts and manly Birkenstock sandals.

Girl: Was it January?

Boy: Yes. Yes it was.
by A girly April 01, 2011
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