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Small farming community in Central California. Population 4,000. Escalon High School's football team has held the title of state champions for several years running. However, the high school is academically challenged. Thirty minutes north of Modesto and ninety minutes east of San Francisco.

Also "step" in the spanish language.
You're from Escalon and you drive a '78 Dodge truck too? No way!
by nadanombre July 06, 2004
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escalon o boy how do i explain this um escalon has absolutly nothing to do here the kids who are "cool" {{{druggies/sluts/ravers/drunks}}} hang out at bk and the highschool at night. the preps jus kinda disapear after school so its pretty lame as u can tell.. theres the partys though out in either the vines or the many orchards and the house way way the hell out there but we usally have the cops break them up in about an hour and a half cuz there so bored they jus go looking for these partys theres really no middle class here its either ur really super rich or ur poor and hecka ghetto we are in california so wer not that far away from beaches and mountins the onley trouble is that u have to find somone with a drivers lisence {{not too many of those}} and we have the dumbest high school in the area and im not kidding but well kick ur butt in football thers lots of drama and rumors it like laguna beach jus without the beach seriously i lived in modestofor 13 years and then moved here freshman year of highschool it sucked i went from having somthing to do all the time to having nothing to do all the time i do have some amazing friends though and i have to say i never was stoped by as many cops as i did in my entire life than i did here my first summer but ya thats all i can think of
typical day for a highschooler in escalon

"hey lets go drive around with nikki and then join up with the boys and hit the party in the vines then wen thats broken up lets go get drunk at this guys house and go to the football feild and hang out for an hour or so then go to bk's drive through and eat in the parking lot and talk about who we hooked up with at the first party we went to tonite"

i kid u not that i have actully donr this no im not proud but i did do it i guess u can say i went through this little rebel phase but dont worry cuz im not that stupid anymore
by eskisXstar August 14, 2007
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