The Burning (God in Japanese version) Gundam's primary special move. Signified by a orange/yellow glowing hand, and a aura emiting from the wings when spread out. The chest plate also opens to reveal some sort of energy multiplyer, cockpit, imaging device, or a combination of the three. The attack is executed by either grabing the opponents face and crushing it, or literally ramming the hand into a part of the torso (the stomach). This is usually, but not always, followed by the words "Heat End" producing an explosion which destroys the entire opponent. Several other attacks are used in combination including Erupting Burning Sekiha Tenyoken (energy ball sort of like a Kamayamaya wave and performed in the same fashion).
"This hand of mine is burning red! It's loud roar tells me to grasp victory! Here I go! Erupting Burning FINGER!"
After impalement, the opponent is hoisted into the air.
"And now...HEAT END!"
*Explosion and removal of extremities from opponent*
by iseeum May 22, 2008
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The single most manly (and complicated) attack in existence, and ultimate attack of Domon Kasshu and Rain Mikamura of G-Gundam. It beats even the falcon punch and giga drill break in extreme epicness. the attack comes in the form of a huge blast with the king of hearts symbol on it, as well as having a giant pissed off king who will leave a heart shaped hole that will then cause everything to spontaneously combust.

to use said attack

1)the user must first have a hot nude woman come flying at him, then jump to catch that woman while some how truing a cape into a dress while spinning.

2) you and the now dressed, hot, woman must say: "these hands of ours are burning red". you: "their load cry tells us," Hot-woman: to grasp happiness.

2) then you and the woman must a a quick waltz while screaming: erupting, burning, finger, Sekiha love-love Tenkyoken. note that you have to say "seki", and the girl has to say "ha".
Hey, lets use the Erupting Burning Finger Sekiha Love-Love Tenkyoken!

The Erupting Burning Finger Sekiha Love-Love Tenkyoken is the most epic attack in the universe.
by Zaku-Zaku October 22, 2010
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