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A housing estate in the Northern Irish town of Ballyclare. Renamed by the locals as Foreskin Park due to the large amount of knobsheads that live in it.

Populated by mainly cider drinking single mothers and terminally unemployed young men with yellow teeth and tattoos

Areas of interest in Erskine Park are the warren of "back entries" that are full of shitey nappies, empty beer cans and dog crap. Best to avoid them after dark, mainly due to the high chance of stepping in the aforementioned dog crap.

If you are ever offered a glass of Erskine Champagne you will be wise to decline politely unless you enjoy Frosty Jack cider. Other beverages you may be offered in Erskine Park will be Smartprice beer, lambrini wine and nordoff vodka.
Scruffy person: excuse me off licence person do you have any Frosty Jack cider

Shopkeeper: oh you are obviously from Erskine Park

Scruffy Person: was it my yellow teeth that gave it away?
by Scragglewort April 15, 2011
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