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Eroguro is a style (sub-genre) often attributed to Angura-Kei bands, and the band Cali=Gari is often credited as being one of the 'fathers' of eroguro. The name comes from the words 'erotic' and 'grotesque' and refers to the frequent use of shocking imagery employed by eroguro bands, in both lyrics, live shows and videos.
A few bands of the Eroguro sub-genre are:
by HavokLover March 21, 2006
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short for erotic and grotesque.It is a style of clothing and overall apperance. It's also a Japanese music genre, popularized by bands like Mucc or Merry and especially by cali≠gari. As the name indicates, eroguro nonsense themes are centered in shocking horror and bizarre sexual imagery with dark humorous overtones. angura kei is similar to ero gur on style but far lighter in apperances
Wow! Tatsurou of Mucc's new ero guro look is awsome. He reminds me of a decaying corpse.
by DIEsuke March 10, 2005
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