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An erection related to the elections.
1.) When one's so obsessed with the outcome of the elections that no newsspot can pass him without him ending all conversations and listening to it.
2.) When one's not even able to get a hard-on without thinking of his supported delegate so he has to think of him/her before making love.
A: ...Anyway, I haven't seen you in ages, how's everything goin'?
B: Will you excuse, mate, I've eavesdropped something about Hillary on CNN

Girl: Heyy, boo, I'm so in the mood for a little romance... *hugging&kissing* Why dont we take this off, baby?
Guy: *mumbling* Obama, Obama, Obama, Obamaaaaaaaaahh *He just had an erlection and a Hillarygasm one after the other*
by Greg Goenczi February 25, 2008
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