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(Eh~rin - Beh~geh~rin) - Latin - Noun/Adjective. Ancient derelict deriving from the magical warlock known as an Aaron Barton (or Arun Bahtin as known commonly before 1889). The Aaron Barton first discovered in the deep Amazon jungle was captivated at first sight and labeled on the spot by his captor as " EEERRRIN BEJEERRRIN" sending the weak beast into an epileptic seizure. The creature can be found today in the Graylands holding cell (See http// The Aaron Barton is said to be near it's extinction due to it's habit of being a faggot and getting approximately -9979% of pussy. Expected life span is said to be until the age of 7 in dog years as a result of the eerrin bejerrin's heroin addiction. It is said that if you smother yourself in bong water you are to be butt raped by a large leg from no other than Azza Bazza himself.
Erin Bejerrin u fukin bong hed
by Degham Webbius October 15, 2016
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You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
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