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A magnificent name for a magnificent girl. She is welcoming, energetic, inspiring, kind, lovable, interesting and is very different from any other girl in the WORLD. She's different because she always puts others before herself, she would do anything to make you happy if you're feeling depressed, even if she's busy she would find time to make you happy. She's not a materialistic person at all if you give her something small that has a lot of meaning she'll love it and will cherish it forever. She's very supportive of equal right's she believes that everyone no matter what race, skin color, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc everyone should be treated equally. She is a nationalist. She's amazing at many things such as singing, dancing, art, writing poems and many other things that the world doesn't know. She needs more confidence. She can also be very energetic and uplifting making her an amazing friend to have. If you ever have a chance of meeting a"Eridania" make friends with her quickly! She would change your life for the better. Even with her fault, she is still perfect because the number of flaws she has cannot compare to her flawlessness.
Person One: What's your name?

Person Two: Eridania

Person One: I like you already<3
by A Kid Named Sean June 28, 2018
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