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The most amazing man you'll ever meet. He's sweet, funny, caring, intelligent, and extremely attractive. When you see him, you'll immediately fall head over heels in love with him. When you talk to him, you will turn into a stupid babbling pig that makes up random words out of excitement. He will constantly be on your mind, and the thought of him will make your heart beat faster while skipping a beat at the same time. He will invade all your dreams and then send you the cutest, sweetest text message first thing in the morning, starting your day off with the biggest grin. He will take care of you when your sick, and give you the most comforting hugs when you're sad. He will pick you up in his arms and give you the sweetest kisses that will turn your legs into jello. When he holds your hand, he'll squeeze it three times to say, "I love you." He will make you want to do everything for him, and as much as you'd hate to admit it, your life will revolve around him. When he loves you, you'll know by all the cute, little things that he does for you... and you'll know that you're the luckiest person/kitty/piggy/octopus alive.
I love Ericlan so much.

Ericlan is my life.

Ericlan is so sexy.
by emureepiggy October 31, 2011
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