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When a penis is attracted to the nearest vagina by a magnetic force. Very powerful on a full moon (almost unstoppable). May result in female being torn in half starting at the vagina and taring through her head, if attraction is to powerful.
Quagmire: "Carl HELP!!! I have an erectile overfunction!!! I don't want any more blood on my penis!!!"

Carl: "I'm a dumb fuck."
by Double Dick Trickle January 07, 2012
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When the males pp gets hard hard for no reason at all. It also causes the pp to get hard for over 50 time in a average day. This might be caused by under using your pp or it has had enough of being dormant and wants to be free.
Doctor: What seems to be the problem john?
John: My pp gets hard more than usual in one day.
Doctor: You might have a erectileoverfunction.
by DrizzleDickJr September 10, 2018
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