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The name of one of the sweetest most beautiful young ladies someone could ever meet. She intelligent, funny, goofy, caring and helpful. She's extremely independent and very ambitious. She's very determined and always hard at work. Her mere presence is a present. To talk to her is a blessing. If every girl aspired to be like her then a lot of people would be single because no one deserves to be with her. She's an amazing friend to have. Erashae is the most unforgettable young lady someone could ever meet.
Guy 1: Wow she's gorgeous, who is that?
Guy 2: Im suprised you never noticed her before. Thats Erashae.
Guy 1: Bro i need her in my life.
Guy 2: Don't we all. But to be honest I doubt anyone even deserves her.
by jamaikhan_dream March 09, 2014
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