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A voyager or traveler of knowledge, understanding and learning. Aka, an academic, scholar, or other knowledge-seeking individual. Comes from the Greek episteme--meaning knowledge, and the also Greek nautes--meaning sailor. Similar (and inspired by) astronaut. (From the Greek astron--star, and nautes--sailor, (again).

A much better term for a geek or bookworm.

Appropriate for resumes and embroidered pillows.

Not to be confused with pistenaut, which means sailor of urine. Comes from... well.
"Dude, your (sic) a geek!" -Boring, average individual
"No. I'm an epistenaut." -Epistenaut

"I AM AN EPISTENAUT!!!" -Epistenaut practicing katharsis during finals week.
by Ronoth August 08, 2011
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