Originally named Sergey Stepanov, is the saxophonist of "Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira" which entered the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 and got 22th.
His sax solo is now being looped all over the internet as the new Rick Roll because people find him, and his raybands, extremely epic.
Pro: Hey! Did you check out that video?

Nub: Yea, it was just some random guy playing the sax.

by |)1|\||)3 June 07, 2010
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The best person to live, ever. His saxophone destroys everyone's ears with its amazing melody.
His hips dance harder than everyone's education.
His reappearance in 2017 made him more sassy and saxy than ever
Stranger: yo do you remember that guy with the saxophone that made me fap?
Other Stranger: yeah, you mean epic sax guy?
Stranger: oh yes, how could I forget
by xX_Boss_Xx October 14, 2017
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Epic sax guy is a meme that went viral through out 2010. Epic sax guy made his viral debeut in the Eurovision 2010 his real name was Segey Sepanov he was a part of the musical group called Sunstroke project a few years later theee was ultra sax guy who also played in Eurovision 2017. The meme is usually accompanied with the footage being someone playing a type of horn or saxophone or in a humorous way
Ex)*Walks into room* ,*hears epic sax guy*,*Starts to Bob head at the beat * as he watches his world crumble
by WUT Mariiiii June 19, 2018
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The epic sax guy challenge is the act of consuming shrooms before attempting to last through the whole 10 hours of the epic sax guy video.
"Hey, what's up with Rick?"

"He's attempting the epic sax guy challenge"

by BrixMan May 06, 2012
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