Sex that is so incredibly EPIC that it transcends physical limitations and introduces women to a new realm of pleasure.

Many secret underground churches created by huge groups of women gather together to worship the men who can give epic sex.

The secret messaihs of these churches are like celebrities to the women, as they are like heroine to them since it takes one try and their hooked into the following for life.

They are into many family friendly activities like orgies and giving sex acts to the justice ranger.

The justice ranger is the nickname they give to their sex master. Also known as Julian Young.

That name is allowed on urban dictionary because it is a celebrities name.
"Julian Young gave epic sex to mary last night. "

"Really, i thought it was ray's mom?"

"well both but shhh, its a secret"
by Notjulianyoung July 22, 2020
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so cool such amaze sexy omg
you dood that was epic gamer sex
by bchdhbcjhdb October 5, 2021
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