A genus of tyrannosaurid dinosaur. Possessing a pair of wings, it may have been related to dragons and wyvern alike. Genetic analysis suggests that it branched off from Gorgosaurus about 78 million years BCE. The scientific name "Eodraconis rexus" means "Dawn dragon like-tyrant" in Latin.

Prowling on the eastern coast of what is now North America, this carnivore fed on a multitude of prey, including various hadrosaurs and ankylosaurs. The green coloration on males in the summer helps to disguise as a tree and can attract a mate. This dinosaur will also molt its coat into a yellowish hue in the cold months.
Eodraconis rexus wasn't the only winged prodragomorph of it's time, however. There is a mainly nocturnal species of Eodraconis nyctodiablos, as well as Gigatyrannus flightoravoroes and Deinofonspteryx ostiumus.
by DinoCoat April 16, 2018
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