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The state an entity has reached once obtaining infinite quantities of control and power over absolutely everything (indefinitely) in existence and not in existence.
The word is derived from a blend of the following words: unlimited, ultimate, infinite, evolution and preservation.
1. The evil wizard laughed at the princess and said, “today I am immortal tomorrow I will have envaltation. Then you won’t have a choice as to whether you love me or not.”
2. “Envaltation is a paradox in itself. If a person has gained envaltation and they then create an indestructible rock, can the envaltationist break the rock? If not, then the so called ‘envaltationist’ doesn’t have infinite power. If the rock isn’t able to be broken then they failed at creating an indestructible rock and therefore once again lack infinite power making the mere idea of it absurd. But don't let that stop you from striving for it."
by Joxus August 12, 2015
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