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A hybrid consisting of the words, Entourage + attitude = Entouttitude.

The attitude and overall demeanor developed by a man, while watching an episode of HBO's Entourage.

Usually consists of delusions of grandeur, of invincibility, and a loss of perspective of the truly important things in life WHICH MONEY WILL NOT BUY!!!

USE EXTREME CAUTION if a sole female, watching this show in the company of two or more males; as this condition has a tendency to grow exponentially the higher the testosterone count in the room.
May cause irreversible damage if not countered with large doses of Estrogen IMMEDIATELY!!!!......
OMG, Melissa, Brandon and Adam had a major case of Entouttitude after last night's season premier of Entourage.
by Freudian Slip and Fall September 23, 2008
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