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This is a nickname that can be applied to any city with a wide array and variety of entertainment options. Personally, I don't think this term should be applied to Las Vegas, because they have excessive amounts of nightclubs, bars, and casinos with all other entertainment options being sparse to almost non-existent. If that was the entertainment capital of the world, I shudder to think how boring the rest of the world is(sarcasm). They also need culture, historical significance, things for the under-21 crowd, museums, street performers, distinct neighborhoods and villages, local scene, order to deserve that title. I think it's more appropriate that this title be applied to cities like: Los Angeles, Miami, New York, anywhere in Mexico, Amsterdam, and a few other cities I can't think of right now.
Las Vegas dosen't deserve the title of "The Entertainment Capital of the World" as it's too limited when it comes to entertainment options.

Excessive amounts of bars, clubs, and casinos dosen't make you an example of that kind of city.

Amsterdam is way closer to being "The Entertainment Capital of the World" then Vegas is.
by Philip Cunningham January 13, 2007
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