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1. Enowapi is a map from Socom 2. It was considered a jungle map which took place in Brazil. The center of the map was a hill with wooden walls surrounding a cocaine lab. The outlying area was a swamp/jungle. Seals spawned in the swamp and had to traverse the hill and break into the lab where the terrorist spawned and plant a bomb. Many players avoided this map due to the heavy disadvantage for the Seal side. In reality this map was the ultimate team effort map, it took good communication, and a total team effort to become victorious on the seal side. Hidden hiding spots and trick locations were darted all throughout this map. A strong community was built amongst players who played Enowapi and nothing else for many years (Yeah, it was that popular to us!). Many clans could have been found in Enowapi before the code 9 era. Some of these include: (OVN) (WAR) ($$$) (LQR) (UN) (ENK) (30+) (50')(OHH) (GSA) (ENX) (GEN) (=D=) (BA$). Many prodominate players existed during this time period, from the earliest to the late a few of them were: James_Huot, DaReaper ,Gretsky, Showtime, art420, Cuban, Thuggy, JonhnnyRingo?, and KingYoshi.
--In Lobby--
Other clan: "What map are you guys picking?

=D= Clan: "Enowapi Seals."

Other clan: "Lol, OK! LMFAO! We'll pick an uneven map then? How about we'll play Sujo Seals then. LMAO I can't believe you. You guys are gonna get smoked!"

--The games ends 12-0 with most of the other clan quitting early, it's a wonderful thing!--
by HammerHeads March 10, 2008
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