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Extremely loveable goofball who knows how to make you laugh. Her sense of humor is just the best! But she does have a lot of feelings even if she won’t sweat from her eyes in front of you. She is down to earth. Can make you extremely happy and make it difficult to not be smiling when she’s around! Her name is Scottish and has Germanic background, therefore, she is a perfect candidate for making accents. The one named Enoh is beautiful and full of mysteries, and definitely never boring to be around! Although she can be sassy at times, she is a princess which makes it okay and tolerable. And She is a big hearted person. If you find an Enoh, keep her and show her a lot of love because she will truly return it. Take care of your Enoh because she only comes around once in a lifetime and Enoh should be given a lot of love, care and comfort. If you can cook for Enoh, do it, she loves albondiga soup and ramen. Let her know she is not alone and that you’re there for her. She will not leave you, she cares a lot. You can guarantee that Enoh is trustworthy and amazing. Take care of Enoh and make sure she is happy forever!

P.S. Give Enoh almond chocolate bars, it’s her favorite. She also loves pens and notebooks.
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by InfiniteVibes January 31, 2018
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